Luxman Amplifier

The Z-504, power-amplifier



The Z-504 Power Amp is to get you another remarkable piece of musical hardware, with a choice of different wirings. Refer to your dealer at purchase to have him work out your personal requirements. You can make a choice of either one of the four wirings. Normally factory wired at 200W/ch class AB. Massive output power plus LUXKIT's original circuit design sophistication — that's what you get with the Z-504. All stages are push-pull configuration with high-speed transistors for an ultra-fast slew rate of 200V/usec. And LUXKIT's acclaimed Duo-Beta circuit design gives you greatly enhanced low-range reproduction capability. Other features include big 800-VA capacity power transformer, four 15,000uF capacitors, and two heat-pipes for increased thermal transfer, assuring big, steady power operation even after hours of use.

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Last modified: 3-Nov-2002