Luxman Amplifier

The Z-502, pre-amplifier



The simplified circuit construction and application of advanced LUXKIT features make this preamp the perfect center of your audio system. Independent left/right power supply reduces crosstalk, while application of LUXKIT's Duo-Beta circuit design in all stages enhances clear music reproduction, starting from very low frequency ranges. For optimum performance from both MM and MC cartridges, the Z-502 boasts completely independent two phono equalizers which are exclusively designed for each use. All capacitors are eliminated from the audio signal path, achieving direct cartridge-to-speaker coupling when used with the matching Z-501/Z-504 power amps. Other features include the BASS/TREBLE Control with 3-position turnover frequency selector, the SIGNAL OFF switch which enables you to instantly cut the signal path for the convenience at replacing a disc with the VOLUME position as it is. In addition, there is a professionally designed control panel that is a joy to use.

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Last modified: 3-Nov-2002