Luxman Amplifier

The Z-501, power-amplifier



LUXKIT fully applies its ultimate fidelity design concepts in this superb power amp. A simple switching operation affords four amplifier operational modes, including 25W/ch PURE CLASS A, lOOW/ch Class AB, 300W Class AB Monaural and 100W Class AB Monaural with PURE CLASS A operational range upto 25W. PURE CLASS A operation provides absolutely minimal distortion with no switching, while Class AB operation delivers pure dynamic drive. To cool the amp for stable operation LUXKIT's installed a heat-pipe cooling system for drastically improved thermal transfer. LUXKIT's acclaimed Duo-Beta circuitry assures enhanced sound quality with improved bass range reproduction capability. Other advanced cuits include cascode bootstrap differential circuit with dual FET and NPN transistors for the first stage, complementary "push-pull" circuit for the pre-driver stage and SEPP(single-ended-push-pull) output for the final stage.

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Last modified: 3-Nov-2002