Luxman Amplifier

The MQ-50, tube power-amplifier



Simplified Circuit with the 6550A/X & Dignified Design
The push-pull circuit featuring the 6550A/X beam pentode at the output stage educes the tube's potential at its best. Really high-grade image is created thanks to gold-touch aluminium decoration chassis with engraved letterings, moss-green punched metal bonnet, etc.

Output Transformer OY15-Z4K for UL Connection
The new output transformer specially designed for an optimum operation of UL (Ultra-Linear) connection ensures perfectly balanced push-pull operation. A flat and smooth frequency response is procured up to 100kHz at both of the plate side and SG tap.

Whole-Stage Push-Pull Operation
Both of the 1st and driver stages feature the push-pull circuits by means of the twin triodes 12AU7A/7030 and 6AQ8/7024, which offers the least distortion with high stability at the bass.

Slightest NFb
The cathode NFb meticulously balanced with the major output NFb produces an extremely small amount of the total NFb, enabling to reproduce clear, distortion-free sound in the totally noiseless background.

Substantial Power Supply
The exclusive power transformer with sufficient large capacity and the constant voltage circuits banish all the noxious effects caused by fluctuation of the mains power supply.

Last modified: 10-Dec-2001