Luxman Amplifier

The M-02, power-amplifier



Duo-Beat Circuit/S:
Lux's renowned Duo-Beta Circuit/S with simple single-stage amplification system assures superb audio performance; clean mid-to-treble range and tight bass.

Ample Power Supply:
Powerful, stabilized bass and midrange reproduction is realized thanks to newly designed, slim but effective circular transformer offering excellent regulation together with select capacitors exclusively developed for audio purpose.

LED Bias Current:
Lux's unique bias circuit employing LED's instead of diodes provides speedy attack and decay in actual auditory feelings.

Warm-up indicator for stable, safe operation, abundant application of special audio capacitors, gold-plated input/output terminals to reduce contact resistance, etc.

150W + 15OW (1 kHz, 8 ohms, 0.012% THD), 320W mono by means of BTL monaural connection.

High-efficiency, liquid sealed-tube type heatsink used even for artificial satellite.

Large, easy-to-monitor power meters with logarithmic linear scale.

Last modified: 20-Nov-2001