Luxman Amplifier

The CL-40, tube pre-amplifier



Represents Lux's long-cherished concept in tube technology to seek for not "sound" but "musicality". Exclusive Lux design by means of pure aluminium front-panel, specially turned knobs, and genuine rose-wood case of glossy urethane finish.

S.R.P.P. Equalizer
An optimum operational point is determined by an ideal circuit employing the twin triode 12AX7A/7025. The "hunger" circuit at the 1st stage combined with S.R.P.P. (Shunt Regulated Push-Pull) circuit at the output stage makes it possible to reproduce even the atmosphere of concert hall.

2-Stage Differential Flat Amp with Tone Control
The twin triodes 6BK7B/7028 and 6CG7/7026 composing 2-stage direct-coupled differential amp offer utterly unconditional stability in operation with a small amount of NFb, and removal of the time constant circuitry makes it possible to amplify even ultra low frequencies down to DC area, thus avoiding harmful IM distortion. While Lux's acclaimed NFb tone control provides natural, smooth tonal adjustment.

Regulator Circuit
The twin triodes 12AU7A/7030 and 12BH7A/7032 driven under cascade amp configuration with optimum NFb amount realizes truly tight bass and transparent treble frequencies.

Last modified: 20-Nov-2001