Luxman Amplifier

The C-05, pre-amplifier



Twin-Monaural Configuration:
Perfectly independent placement of two monaural amps makes all signal amplification circuits absolutely free from interferences across right and left channels.

Huge, Quick-Response Power Supply:
1-stage amp regulator on top of Lux's reputed "plus-X" power supply provides real time response even to an abrupt, large input signal.

Thorough Improvement of Single-Stage Amplification:
Purification in circuitry is further advanced and reinforced in Lux's exclusive "Single-Stage" amp format by means of high-speed semiconductors, thus realising TIM-free sound full of energetic sensation.

Fixation of Standard Voltage for Each Amplification Section:
Sonic deterioration is totally banished thanks to fixation of standard voltages secured by independent wirings of power supply, use of high-impedance circuitry, select constant voltage componentry, etc.

Total freedom from mains noise thanks to single-stage amp, improved symmetries in Duo-BetaCircuit/S.

Magnetic distortion caused by conventional steel chassis is thoroughly removed by genuine aluminium chassis having double-layer structure with copper plate.

Ultimate perfection in sound quality by removing all tone control facilities.

Exclusive DAD output, high quality MC input, etc.

Last modified: 20-Nov-2001