dbx Dynamic Range Expander

The 4bx - Multi-band expander with Logicontrol system.



Impact restoration. The dbx 4BX is the only sound processor in the world with this capability.

Recordings never sound exactly like live performances for several reasons. And this is dbx's raison d'etre. First we eliminated irritating noise with our Type II noise-reduction system. Then we expanded dynamic range with our dynamic-range expanders.

And now we're restoring the impact of a live performance with the 4BX.

Here's how it works: when a high-level signal suddenly follows a low-level one, the difference in level is expanded. In this way, transient musical attacks, from percussion to brass to piano, are emphasized.

The result is an exciting impact which approximates that of a live performance.

The amount of impact restoration can be adjusted up to +12 dB, and is displayed on the front panel.

The 4BX is also a three-band dynamic-range expander. It can make loud passages louder and soft passages softer - in total, increase dynamic range by 50%. Expansion is displayed on the front panel by LEDs. This display, along with the one for impact restoration, can be dimmed by an intensity control.

Since high frequencies, mid frequencies and low frequencies are processed independently, the result is extremely smooth with all types of music.

Dynamic-range expansion also has an important side benefit: up to about 20 dB of noise reduction.

In other ways, too, the 4BX is different. It has no mechanical-type switches. Rather, it uses a logic system with touch control. Positions are retained in the memory, so there's no need to readjust each time the unit is turned on.

In addition, all controls and switching - except for Source/Tape and Pre/Post - can be accomplished by means of a wireless remote-control unit(included). Even UP/DOWN volume controls are included, so you can adjust the volume of your entire hi-fi system without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Last modified: 13-Apr-2004